Papa Nihil, formerly known as "Papa Emeritus Zero", was the frontman of Ghost during the Seven Inches of Satanic Panic cycle during 1969, and likely surrounding years. He was the father of Papa Emeritus, Papa Emeritus II, Papa Emeritus III, and speculated to be the father of Cardinal Copia. He was also implied to be the former lover of Sister Imperator. He was elderly, and needed to employ the use of a walking cane and a breathing mask.

Papa Nihil's first appearance, referred to as "Papa Emeritus Zero" at the time

A young Papa Nihil as seen in "Chapter One: New Blood"

A young Papa Nihil, seen performing "Kiss the Go-Goat" at Whiskey A Go Go in 1969

Papa Nihil first appeared on September 30, 2017. While the band was performing Monstrance Clock, two men came up on stage and dragged Papa III away, ending the song abruptly. Soon after, two men came up on stage escorting Papa Nihil (at the time known as "Papa Emeritus Zero") who addressed the crowd: "The party is over. The middle ages have begun", before being escorted off stage.

He often appears on stage to perform the saxophone solo on “Miasma.”

Papa Nihil, along with Sister Imperator and the clergy, killed Papa Emeritus, Papa Emeritus II, and Papa Emeritus III on April 30, 2018. They were embalmed and displayed during the Prequelle tour cycle.

Papa Nihil passed away on March 3, 2020, in Mexico City, after the performance of Miasma.

Papa Nihil playing the saxophone

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