Nameless Ghouls are the members of the band Ghost. They use the alias 'Nameless Ghouls' to remain anonymous. There are currently seven Ghouls that play all of the instruments when the band is performing live with the band's front man. The Ghouls wear virtually identical, face-concealing costumes that always change for each album era.


GHOST HQ Colored.jpg

In the early Opus Eponymous era, when they were playing live, Ghouls wore store-bought costumes that were bought from Butterick's. During the late Opus Eponymous era, the Ghouls started using all white costumes and Bauta masks. In the Infestissumam era, the ghouls started wearing a nearly identical costume, but now colored black. In the Meliora era, the Ghouls change their costumes again, now with a whole new different look. Their elemental symbols are now embroidered on the right breast of their costumes, and the elemental symbol representing the individual ghoul is highlighted to show the identity of the wearer. The Ghouls used silver devil full masks throughout the Meliora era. Within the release of Ghost's new single. "Rats", the Ghouls started to using new costumes. The new costumes have crucifixes embroidered all over the inner shirts. The masks are resembling the one from Melioria era but they appear shinier and to facilitate singing the area around the mouth is cut.


There are currently seven Ghouls in the band. Two of them are female Ghouls who also known as Ghoulettes or Ghulehs.

  • Alchemy fire symbol.svg Fire (formerly also known as Alpha and now more known as Stompy and/or Dewdrop) – Lead guitarist
  • Alchemy water symbol.svg Water (Now known as Rain) – Bassist
  • Alchemy air symbol.svg Air (Now known as Cumulus) – Keyboardist and back vocal
  • Alchemy earth symbol.svg Earth (Now known as Mountain) – Drummer
  • 152516101954918818.png Aether (formerly also known as Omega) – Rhythm guitarist
  • Multighoul (male) (Known as Multighoul and/or Swiss Army Ghoul) – guitarist, tambourine, back vocal, saxophonist (as Papa Nihil ) and more.
  • Multighoul (female) (Now known as Cirrus) – keyboardist, tambourine, backing vocal and keytar

The Multighouls are two new Ghouls that had their debut performance in the Rats On The Strip show at The Roxy. They play several instruments throughout the show and sometimes sing as backing vocalists. In the live performance of "Miasma", the male Multighoul plays Saxophone while dressing as Papa Nihil.